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News Link October 2014

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AQA Victoria

440 Heidelberg Road
Fairfield, Victoria 3078

All mail to:
P.O. Box 219,
Fairfield, VICTORIA, 3078

Phone: (03) 9489 0777
Toll Free: 1800 999 128
Fax: (03) 9482 4371

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  •  Click here to view the SpinalHub website SpinalHub is live and ready for your use! SpinalHub is a community website for people with spinal cord injury in Victoria and throughout Australia. It is a joint initiative of several organisations in Victoria who have an interest in supporting the spinal cord injury community with representation from the following Victorian organisations:
    • The Department of Health and Department of Human Services;
    • The Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria;
    • Austin Health;
    • Alfred Health;
    • AQA Victoria;
    • Independence Australia.
  • SpinalHub is pleased to announce its latest exciting new feature - SpinalHub TV. There are lots of great online videos that feature people from the spinal cord injury community in Victoria. The short 2-3 minute videos provide practical and safe advice with the aim to help people get back into life after a spinal cord injury. Go to to view the full list of online videos.
  • The AQA Community Forum - Stem Cells: Hope, Hype & Progress - A new conversation on stem cells and spinal cord injury was held Friday 1st July with an audience of over 80 people. Read more & watch the videos...
  • Spinal Cord Injury in Australia 2007-08 report presents national statistics on spinal cord injury (SCI) using data from case registrations to the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Registry (ASCIR) for 2007–08. Read more...

AQA’s Vision:

Individuals affected by SCI have the opportunity to improve quality of life in an inclusive community that recognises their capacity and rights.

AQA’s Mission:

We enable individuals affected by spinal cord injury to attain maximum independence through best practice services, our contribution to an inclusive community and by supporting those who support them.




We act fairly, honestly, openly



We respect people’s lived experience, the choices they make, the aspirations they hold



We care about the quality and effectiveness of what we do



We know how vital trust is in all our relationships


AQA’s Purpose:

AQA is a provider of support and services for people who sustain spinal cord injuries (quadriplegia and paraplegia) and similar physical disabilities. AQA provides a well established attendant care service (AQA Qualcare) for clients living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

  • AQA also provides a valued information/peer support service that operates on two levels:
  • raising awareness and educating the community about the issues of spinal cord injury (SCI); and,
  • motivating and assisting those with SCI during their rehabilitation and re-integration in the community

AQA operates a Quality Management System that is certified in the Standards for Disability Services in Victoria and the Federal Disability Support certification. AQA is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity.

Certified by HDAA Click here to view Disability Services Certification 2009-2012