Welcome to AQA.

AQA was established in 1987 by a group of people with quadriplegia who saw a need for improved access to information, support and employment opportunities for people living with a spinal cord injury. Today, AQA has grown into a strong and diverse community. We support each other to live full and enriching lives by sharing our knowledge and lived experience of a range of complex physical disabilities, through our services and our relationships.

Whether it’s daily living support, achieving specific goals, boosting your independence, adjusting to a change in circumstances, or just meeting folks with shared experience, it’s likely we can help. And if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can.

You can find us:

  • As your support worker, peer mentor, allied health professional or group facilitator.
  • In research, connecting and collaborating with funders and universities.
  • Speaking in the media and influencing public policy on disability issues.
  • Connected with councils, communities and hospitals.
  • Presenting as public speakers and educators.

276 years

worth of combined knowledge in our Lived-Experience Team, made up of 13 staff.


staff support people with disability in the community


volunteers that have dedicated their time, knowledge and resources to living well since 1987.

8,000 +

hours of one on one peer coaching and peer mentoring delivered in hospitals, rehabs, at home or on the phone.

4,350 +

hours of collective peer lead activity received by participants

15,000 +

contacts and connections made with individuals at home, hospital or at our networks.

We are not finished and we are ready to keep scaling our impact. We want to meet you, as a participant, volunteer or employee. If you want to know more about getting connected, click here.

More Information

Our Supports.

The AQA service model draws on our decades of experience supporting people to live well with spinal cord injuries and other complex conditions. We build partnerships.

Our Events.

Through a wide range of events, AQA resources people whose lives have been disrupted by injuries, illnesses and disability to participate in all aspects of life. Our extensive wealth of lived experience and consultation informs and shapes our offerings, from personal development courses, workshops, information sessions, wheelchair / transfer skills sessions, to network meetings and more.


Our Community.

Connect with our community through story: learn how people have managed common challenges, share in their joys and achievments, and share your own.

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