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    Our purpose:

    AQA exists to resource people to live well.

    Our vision:

    An inclusive community where people have access to the resources they need to meet the challenges of change and live fully.

Our review of 2020

AQA and coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

AQA has established a COVID-19 Task Group that is responsible for monitoring official responses to the coronavirus crisis as it unfolds, and for taking appropriate action. 

The AQA COVID-19 resource page offers helpful online information for the community associated with AQA and our divisions AQA Spire and AQA Qualcare.
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Covid Safe Plan
Our thank-you to carers

Featured story

From nurse to support worker: 'It's more of a life!'

Sharon Brill found herself drawn to disability support work for its variety and autonomy ... and for the deep partnerships she formed with clients such as Greg Grigarius.

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AQA is about supporting people to connect, contribute, participate, and build community. We offer resources for tackling issues of life with a complex neuromuscular disability.

AQA Spire is informed, led and resourced by people with lived experience of spinal cord injury, bringing their perspective to the community. AQA Spire connects people who can share their experiences of living with SCI and achieving personal life goals.

Explore our individualised supports

AQA Qualcare is a statewide service providing 24-hour personal care and other support to people in their homes and local communities.

AQA is a quality accredited and registered service provider with NDIS, TAC, and WorkCover.

Our aim is to achieve service excellence by providing people with reliable, individualised support. Services are delivered in partnership with our clients in order to support people to live independent, rewarding lives.

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At AQA, we have many volunteers - with and without a disability - who support our work and community. Our peer-volunteers provide peer support, mentoring and coaching to others living with spinal cord injury and like conditions. Video, photography and content journalists help us to share our stories. We work with volunteer interns, IT and project-support volunteers, event volunteers, and more.

Get paid to care

Disability support work is a challenging and rewarding career pathway that brings together members of different communities to enrich people's lives.

Support workers come from all walks of life, and are people in good physical health who enjoy working with others and engaging with their local community.

Someone who chooses to become a support worker for AQA may have had previous experience working with people with disabilities, or may have an interest in supporting clients to achieve life goals.

Our history

Formed in January 1987 by a small group of people with spinal cord injuries who had met at a sheltered workplace, AQA Victoria Ltd rapidly built a highly respected and peer-led attendant care business, established an information hub, and pioneered a peer-support outreach service in collaboration with Austin Health. 

Over the past decade we have expanded the scope of the supports we provide to clients across a broad spectrum of complex neuromuscular and other disorders. We have trained an extensive register of peer mentors and coaches, whose services are available informally and through the NDIS. We have taken our information service and bimonthly newsletter online through our Spire website. And we continue to sustain more than 400 support workers from diverse backgrounds with meaningful employment. 
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Happy Clients

Our support workers care for us, they really do. We’re like sisters. Without them we’d be lying in bed all day. - Valerie
Peer support showed me I could live as a quadriplegic and live well. It helped me to accept what I thought was an unacceptable condition. - Mario