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Life is complex. We know that. Can we help?

AQA takes a capacity building approach to Support Coordination, Occupational Therapy and other allied health services. Our aim is always to enhance your ability to live life as you want to. 

Our engagement process is led by Mark Hanson, an occupational therapist who lives with a spinal cord injury. Mark says he can almost always respond to an inquiry within 48 hours. 

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Emma O'Brien

Community Engagement & Allied Health Team Leader

Emma is an occupational therapist who worked creatively and collaboratively with spinal cord injury communities in Queensland prior to the advent of the NDIS. Relocating to Melbourne, she led development of a large community-based allied health team. At AQA she is supporting our community to build sustainable and meaningful services, a role she describes as her best venture yet. 

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Mark Hanson

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mark holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and can draw on experience in hospitality, banking, and public health. He lives with a spinal cord injury and is inspired by the possibilities that can be released through adapting. Mark is a Peer Mentor with AQA and loves live music, cooking with (and for) friends, and road trips.

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Noha El Hanafy

Support Coordination Team Leader   

Noha is a dedicated team leader and support coordinator with 25 years' experience in community support and children's education, the past five of them in the NDIS sector.

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Kim Trusler

Occupational Therapist

Kim has practised Occupational Therapy since 2016, beginning in aged care and moving to community-based services and physical disability. She loves working with people to achieve the apparently unachievable, which may include complex assistive technology prescriptions and environmental adaptations. Kim is a mad footy fan and North Melbourne supporter, and enjoys catching live music at inner Melbourne pub venues. 

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Paige Gilchrist

Support Coordinator & Allied Health Assistant

Paige joined AQA in February 2021, bringing an educational background in health and wellness and professional experience in the allied health sector. Her passion for helping and empowering people made for a smooth transition to the disability sector and AQA.

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AQA is a quality accredited and registered service provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

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