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She was the One Tonner for me
After his accident, Wayne Bradshaw was told his single-cab ute was an unsuitable vehicle for a wheelchair user. Half a million kilometres later, he still disagrees.
20.07.21 02:47 PM - Comment(s)
Car modifications and the NDIS
If you purchase a car that needs modification before you can drive it, will the NDIS help you cover those costs? It is likely but not certain it will, as Noha Elhanafy explains.
19.07.21 11:51 AM - Comment(s)
Frustrated with Ticketek? These tips might help
If you've found booking accessible tickets with Ticketek stressful and time-consuming, you're not alone. This advice from Ticketek goes a little deeper than the information on their website, and might make for a smoother booking process. ‚Äč
07.07.21 04:04 PM - Comment(s)