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Independent assessments should be optional only, AQA argues
AQA has submitted a case to the Australian Parliament opposing the compulsory introduction of independent assessments for NDIS participants, arguing that they should instead be made optional.
08.04.21 06:43 PM - Comment(s)
How technology kept me sane during lockdown
After spending months in hospital recovering from a pressure injury, Karen James was discharged as Victoria entered its second Covid-19 lockdown. She describes how an openness to adopting new methods helped keep her connected.
30.03.21 05:06 PM - Comment(s)
NDIS Support Coordination strengthened
Long-time peer support mentor Georgina Fiorentino has accepted an invitation to extend her role with AQA, adding depth to our support coordination and peer coaching teams.
25.03.21 10:41 AM - Comment(s)