History of AQA 2: The founding of AQA services
AQA Victoria began to deliver home-based care for people with severe disabilities in 1991 through the Qualcare respite program, one of the first such services to operate in Australia.
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Cooking with my girls
Nobody thought Fernanda would get multiple sclerosis. Her friends didn’t. Her children didn’t. And certainly, Fernanda didn’t. Story by Ian Baker.
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Let me paint the scene
Wayne Bradshaw, a footy lover living with T4 spinal cord injury, shares his story of being a support worker for Bill, also a footy lover, who has lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth.
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I'm a wiser man today
When Spire team leader Naz Erdem broke out in a sweat just from sitting, he did not think straight away that he might have a pressure injury.
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The jockey and the pressure sore
Former jockey Ian Duckling built a life for himself with good humour and grit. And then at 80, he met one of his most threatening challenges. Story by Ian Baker.
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How Chante aced her NDIS interview
A disability support worker alerted Chante Masset to the need to prepare for her first NDIS planning meeting. Now the 20-year-old is helping others, through other carers. Story by Ian Baker.
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