APCO petrol stations begin rollout of disability refuelling app fuelService    
An app that arranges for a service station attendant to refuel your car has gone on trial in Geelong, with a statewide rollout likely to follow.
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Skills For Independence
In July, AQA hosted a five-day, four-night course focused on skill and capacity building. Learn about what it was like, and the exciting project behind it.
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Vaccine survey finds strong support, some doubt
Seventy-five per cent of respondents to an online survey of the AQA spinal-cord injury community said they had received a vaccine by the end of July, with a majority accepting the AstraZeneca product.
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Discovering who I am
In our Soul Food for Dark Days series, writers share responses to loss and reveal where they've found help when they needed it. Katherine Reed illuminates her path to self-discovery.
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The moments that shape us
In our Soul Food for Dark Days series, writers share responses to loss and reveal where they've found help when they needed it. Antonio Vecchio recalls the choice he made on a desperate day.
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Finding hope
In our Soul Food for Dark Days series, writers share responses to loss and reveal where they've found help when they needed it. Dave Jacka recalls how he opened the door that led him to a life of adventure.
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I was still the same person
In our Soul Food for Dark Days series, writers share responses to loss and reveal where they've found help when they needed it. Tanya Clarke reports that her zest for life gets her most of the way, and loving support from her family - and service dog - does the rest.
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'We're not ready to be thrown away'
If you become disabled when you’re 65 or older, you’re not covered by the NDIS. Two couples tell of how they're facing life with high-level spinal cord injuries largely on their own.
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Disability Doesn't Discriminate
A campaign to expand NDIS coverage to all Australians, not just those under 65, is gathering momentum.
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She was the One Tonner for me
After his accident, Wayne Bradshaw was told his single-cab ute was an unsuitable vehicle for a wheelchair user. Half a million kilometres later, he still disagrees.
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Car modifications and the NDIS
If you purchase a car that needs modification before you can drive it, will the NDIS help you cover those costs? It is likely but not certain it will, as Noha Elhanafy explains.
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Do my support workers need to be vaccinated?
Your own vaccination is your best protection from Covid-19, and worrying about other people's doesn't seem very helpful, writes Peter Van Benthem.
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Frustrated with Ticketek? These tips might help
If you've found booking accessible tickets with Ticketek stressful and time-consuming, you're not alone. This advice from Ticketek goes a little deeper than the information on their website, and might make for a smoother booking process. ​
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Personal account opens up a can of worms
The Medical Director of the Victorian Spinal Cord Service, Andrew Nunn, comments on AQA peer mentor Ben Gruter's account of his using medicinal cannabis to treat his neuropathic pain.
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Ben's long and winding road to medicinal cannabis
After years of awakening early and in pain, Ben Gruter swallowed some cannabis and slept for 10 hours. The former policy advisor to government now takes cannabis daily - and legally.
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National building code to enforce wheelchair access
Builders of new housing may be forced for the first time to meet access standards for people who use wheelchairs, under revisions to the National Construction Code released for public comment this month.
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My past has come alive, and I love it
Since migrating to Australia from Iran in 2014, Sorayya Shemirani has put down deep roots through pursuing her passions for sport and community. She tells of how a chance encounter with an art course has opened up new horizons, and connected her with her past.
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When your fondest hopes come true
Some people recover most of their capacity after a spinal cord injury whose immediate result is devastating. AQA regional network member John Lace, who lives with a C2-3 injury from a fall at his farm 15 years ago, has returned to performing on the pedal steel guitar.
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Independent assessments should be optional only, AQA argues
AQA has submitted a case to the Australian Parliament opposing the compulsory introduction of independent assessments for NDIS participants, arguing that they should instead be made optional.
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How technology kept me sane during lockdown
After spending months in hospital recovering from a pressure injury, Karen James was discharged as Victoria entered its second Covid-19 lockdown. She describes how an openness to adopting new methods helped keep her connected.
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