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21.06.22 10:44 AM By Dan
David Swift, from Geelong Adaptive Sports, introduces us to the game of Boccia, and invites us to get involved via their Geelong or Melbourne teams.
By David Swift

What is Boccia? Quite simply, it is a game where the object is to place your coloured balls (red or blue) as close to the jack (white ball) as possible. It was originally designed for players with Cerebral Palsy, but now includes all athletes with functional impairments and disabilities. Players are classified based on their functional capability, with five categories. 

It is played indoors on a court which is 12.5m x 6m. Players work within a 1m x 2.5m “box”.

This is where the simplicity ends and where the fun begins. Boccia can be played in pairs or teams (male and females play together) and is very strategic, like a good game of chess or footy. You have a lot of variables to manage and play with. For example, ball density. The balls are leather, and go from soft to hard, which determines the power of your throw, how it changes shape when landing and the distance it travels.

Then you factor in the distance of the jack, different throwing techniques (spin, lob etc) and other players’ balls and it can get very competitive, very quickly! 
Jenny, a member of the Geelong squad, takes the gold at the ACT Cup.
Boccia Victoria had a relaunch in late 2021, with a squad forming in Geelong. They meet twice a week to train, Tuesdays and Fridays. We have a squad of 10-12 players. 

The squad recently competed at the ACT Cup and came back with gold, silver and bronze medals in various competition classifications. A great start by a new squad. Currently we are preparing for the NSW Titles and then the Nationals in Brisbane. 

If you don’t want to be competitive, recreational players mix with the competitive during the sessions, and it’s a very social atmosphere. All ages and skill levels are welcome as we have Boccia Australia accredited coaches at every session. 

The Melbourne boccia squad meet at North Melbourne Community Centre on a Wednesday, 12-2pm. Sessions cost $25, and you can contact for questions.

GEELONG SESSIONS (except public holidays and competition schedules): 
Tuesday – 4:45 to 5:45pm, cost $12.50
Friday – 10:30am to 12:30pm, cost $25.00 
Balls and ramps are supplied. 

Visit Boccia Victoria's Facebook page.
The atmosphere during the Geelong squad's training sessions is very social, with recreational players mixing with the competitive.

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