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Our Partners

AQA is connected within the disability sector with partners that provide funding and those with whom we share knowledge, expertise and experience in all aspects of disability and related issues.

Funding partners provide recurrent funding to AQA to deliver support and care for people with disabilities.

Philanthropic Trusts provide grant monies that support project initiatives by AQA that will enhance, support and improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Industry Associates share in common goals, disseminate information, support initiatives and liaise with all stakeholders to increase the participation, independence and quality of life of people with disabilities.

Funding bodies:

Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)support packages for the delivery of personal & domestic care to people with disabilities

AQA Qualcare is a service provider to people who receive these support packages. Clients who receive this funding can obtain further information about the Disability Act 2006, the State Disability Plan 2006-2008, Quality Framework for Disability Services and other related topics from the DHS website at

Department of Social Services (DSS)supported employment for people with disabilities

AQA receives funding from FaHCSIA to provide supported employment to people with disabilities. Organisations that receive this funding are listed in the Australian Disability Enterprises website at The Australian Disability Enterprises are commercial businesses operating across a wide range of industries - from design, printing and packaging, to manufacturing, laundry and landscaping, with over 600 Australian Disability Enterprises Australia-wide.

AQA is certified under the Disability Support Certification (currently to July 2012) and further information in regard to the 12 Federal Disability Standards for which this certification is related can be found on the FaHCSIA website at

General information about federal disability programs & services can be found at

Department of Health & Human Services (DH&HS) Tasmaniainformation service to people with disabilities in Tasmania

AQA receives funding from DH&HS Tasmania to provide support information services related to disability issues for people in the State of Tasmania. General information about the Tasmanian governments disability programs & services can be obtained from their website at

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)support packages for the delivery of personal & domestic care to people with disabilities

AQA Qualcare is on the panel of preferred service providers for people who receive funding from TAC as a result of a motor vehicle accident that is covered by third party insurance. General information and information for clients of AQA Qualcare can be found at the TAC website at

Philanthropic Trusts:

Philanthropic trusts & foundations who provide grants to AQA have included:

Industry Associates:

  • Austin Health - Victorian Spinal Cord Service - Provides acute management & rehabilitation for people who sustain traumatic and some non-traumatic spinal cord injuries from Victoria, Tasmania and NSW Riverina.
  • Disability Sport & Recreation - Provides and promotes sport and recreation opportunities for people with all types of disabilities throughout Victoria.
  • Independence Australia - Not-for-profit organisation that supports people with a disability or other physical need to achieve their quality of life and their pursuit of independence.
  • Limbs 4 Life - Amputee Support in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia. Empowering amputees with information, support and promote an inclusive community.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (NSW) - Non-government organisation which provides advocacy and services to people with a spinal cord injury and to people with severe physical disabilities.
  • Spinal Injuries Association (QLD) - Not-for-profit organisation committed to rebuilding lives, promoting independence, preventing injuries and empowering people with a spinal cord injury.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners in helping us achieve our goals.