From beginning to end, we work with you to develop the right support and approach, so you can spend more time focusing on the things in life you love. Our Home and Community Based Services team specialises in complex physical disabilities, like Spinal Cord Injuries ensuring our all staff are equipped to deliver the high intensity supports other providers simply can’t or don’t offer.

Our approach to support is holistic and driven by a true partnership with you, we know each experience and level of support is different. This is why our team doesn’t just look at services as a series of ‘tick-boxes’, we look at your day and what matters to you – aiding where and when it matters, empowering you and promoting independence.

This is where our customised high-intensity support process plays a key role – as this training looks at other daily essentials like Bladder and Bowel care, medication assistance and transfers. This means our team can support you in a range of ways other providers can’t match: From assistance getting up and ready in the morning, including showering and other essential personal care and hygiene needs, to preparing for the day ahead, whatever that may look like. You may be working, studying, catching up with friends or just looking forward to streaming your favourite show – our team looks at each aspect to provide a custom capacity building approach that supports and suits your lifestyle.

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