​​The Living Well project seeks to build on practice that is both informed and delivered by people with lived experience of spinal cord injury or a similar disability.

Activities founded on goal-setting, strength identification and skills building are delivered in the participant’s community, and are designed to enhance their capacity to live well and fully.

The project aims help people with spinal cord injury or similar disability who will benefit via one or more of:

  • Participate and contribute to design, planning and coordination via a Lived Experience Advisory Panel  (LEAP)
  • Experience the capacity building as Trainers and or Group Leaders
  • Experience the targeted strength and skill building programs facilitated by Trainers and Group Leaders and delivered via co-designed courses.

Planned group and face-to-face activities designed and delivered as part of the Living Well project have been affected by short-notice Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. The team is using this as an opportunity to consider alternative delivery methods and content that can be applied in remote settings.

Living Well Project highlights

  • Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) established, and consulted during development of the Skills For Independence Course and Train-the-Trainer course.
  • Manual Wheelchair Skills in the Community, held at the AQA Office and in the surrounding Fairfield community (June 17 and 18).
  • Five-day Skills For Independence residential course, held at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza (June 28 – July 2).
  • Currently undergoing development is an online Skills for Independence course

Skills for Independence residential course

A highlight of the Living Well Project this year was the Skills for Independence residential course held at Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

Participants had been living with SCI for periods ranging from from eight months to 15 years. Also attending were volunteer support people, support workers, the specialist peer trainers Dave Ball and Tim Rushby-Smith, and group leaders Larnie Ball and Gill Hilton.

  • September 5, 2022

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