Over 2020-21 we redeveloped in-house our longstanding website at www.aqavic.org.au, which had previously functioned as a thin gateway that directed people either to our then services site or to our lived-experience resource site at www.spire.org.au.

A key objective was to introduce our services and our lived-experience resources together at a single virtual location, reflecting the integration that was taking place in the office under our strategy revision.

There was also an opportunity to express AQA’s statement of purpose graphically through the banner image of a man connecting with a child from a wheelchair. The image is rich in ambiguity, and lends itself to the interpretation that people living with disability may be well placed to contribute to others.

Further website development is expected in 2022, with the aim of consolidating AQA online resources at a single domain. This will include a brand expression project.

  • October 19, 2022

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