Members play an important part in the success of AQA.
As a member of AQA Victoria Ltd (AQA) you will have a say in the direction of the organisation by voting at general elections, electing directors and participating in board committees.

Member’s obligations:

AQA Victoria Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. This means that in a situation where the company is wound up, each member of AQA Victoria Ltd has a limited liability. This liability is not more than $100 and is described in Rule 6 of the company’s constitution.

New members are always welcome. If you have any questions about membership and becoming a member please contact us on 03 9489 0777 or contact us.


By donating to AQA, you can help us develop and grow our services, and ensure they reach more of the people that need them, especially those with limited funding. Your support also boosts our ability to experiment and pioneer new initiatives, as we listen to the evolving needs of our community and collaborate on solutions.

Any level of support makes a difference.

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Our volunteer support is essential to the work we do at AQA. Our volunteers support and resource a range of activities across our Community Engagement programs, providing insight and lived experience across various projects and initiatives aimed at improving confidence, skills, independence and self advocacy.
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